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It’s been a while since I fiddled with Elm. Though I don’t use it regularly I sometimes take a stroll around it to see how it’s doing. This time I stumbled upon tea-combine, a small library made with the purpose of easily glueing together subcomponents of a bigger application.


Photo from @daniel_restrepolondono on unsplash

I’m in the field of industrial embedded products. My firm develops and sells custom boards for a variety of clients to drive professional machinery.

Every year I work on about a dozen projects that range wildly in their requirements: user interfacing, wireless connectivity, low power and energy saving, time sensitivity…

Once upon a time I was a Computer Science student just starting his first classes. Among the mandatory topics were C++ programming and Fundamental Logic. Those two courses introduced me to a curious dichotomy that would repeat itself time and time again in the academic setting: while one professor proceeded…

My line of work brings me close to small embedded systems with minimal UI: a few LEDs or some digits displays. From time to time however I end up working with small monochrome screens, sparking the need for a working albeit simple GUI library.

In this field, the available resources…

Mattia Maldini

Computer Science Master from Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna; interested in a wide range of topics, from functional programming to embedded systems.

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